“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” the third film (albeit not the last) of the series, details more personal background on the famed archeologist. On its opening scene, the film checks out young Indiana (played by River Phoenix) who already shows passion on rescuing artifacts from undeserving hands. On latter stages, the movie pairs up the grown-up hero (the iconic Harrison Ford) with his intellectual father (the even more iconic Sean Connery) as they both pursue that most revered artifact – the Holy Grail.

There is some comfort and ease in watching an Indiana Jones film, mainly for its familiarity. In the hands of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, the movie is expectedly a well-produced entertainment. The film’s stroke of genius is pairing Ford and Connery, whose father-son banters are the movie’s true treasures. For the first time though, I was struck at how “popcorn” this blockbuster really was. I smelled some cheesy gimmicks within the story. The sets looked like sets. I also had trouble with the abundance of its laidback humor. It feels outdated and takes away some suspense from the derring-dos. With that said, I still anticipate Indiana #4 with an older Harrison Ford donning the fedora one more time.

Grade: B+

Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Denholm Elliott, Alison Doody, John Rhys-Davies, Julian Glover and River Phoenix
Story by
George Lucas and Menno Meyjes
Screenplay by
Jeffrey Boam
Directed by
Steven Spielberg
Rated PG-13