Hey kid, you wanna play? Okay? Cool. Are you new to the suburbs? Let me show you around. Over here is the playground. We can’t go to the swings though. Two kids are already there. That’s little Lucy on your left. That’s her mommy Sarah (Kate Winslet) giving her a push. That little boy on the right, the one with the funny joker hat is Aaron. That’s his daddy Brad (Patrick Wilson) helping him swing high. I know what you’re thinking. All-American family, right? Nope. Mommy told me Sarah and Brad are not married to each other. But Mommy told me they are swingers. Whatever that means. There is something in Mommy’s voice that tells me being swingers is a bad thing. My friend Bobby told me it’s probably adultery: a thingy adults do. Again – whatever that means.

Hey, maybe you’d want to go to the public pool instead. It’s right this way. Oh no, what’s happening? Why are the parents yelling at the kids to get out of the pool? Oh look, there is a fool who wouldn’t leave the pool. You see him? He’s over there. Bald guy with huge googles. The cops are telling him to get out. Jeepers, I think that’s him: the bad man from prison (Jackie Earle Haley). Everyone has been talking about him. They’re calling him Pervert. Isn’t that a weird name?

You know what. Let’s go my place. It’s safer there. We could watch a movie. There’s a new DVD at home called Little Children. It’s probably for little children. What? You watched it already. Well, me too. What did I think of the movie? No, you go first. No, you first.

Fine, I go. I thought the 3D animation was really good. It really looked real. And although it was long, it was a pretty good bedtime story. Yes, a bedtime story. Didn’t you hear the narrator? He sounded like grandpa reading me a story to bed. I think that’s my favorite part. Well, I also liked the first hour of the movie because I didn’t fall asleep. Even though the story is about adults, they didn’t feel so grown-up to me. That mom and that dad she is not married to – I could tell they liked each other, like the way I like going to Disney World. They want to do fun stuff, but other people don’t want them to. As a kid, I know how that feels. It seems like a written rule that my parents do not want me to have fun. What is so wrong with watching TV all day and not going to school, right?

But then, they do have fun and do break the rules. At that point, I didn’t like them as much anymore. It’s like they left me and joined up with the rich spoiled brats I hate. I realize they are adults after all and they can do whatever they want. I know. Being a kid sucks! I can’t wait to grow up already so I can have all the fun I want.

But then again – I also learn, from the movie, that being an adult sucks. Okay, I change my mind. I like being a kid then. Being an adult means having responsibilities. No wonder the characters of the movie do not want to grow up at all. There are so many things to worry about. But I guess eventually everybody grows up someday. You’ll miss out on life if you don’t. Whoa. Did I just say that? That’s quite mature of me to say. I guess I just grew up a little, huh?

Grade: A-

Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson, Jennifer Connelly, Jackie Earle Haley, Noah Emmerich, Gregg Edelman, Phyllis Somerville, and Raymond J. Barry
Based on the novel by
Tom Perrotta
Screenplay by
Todd Field
Tom Perrotta
Directed by
Todd Field
Rated R for strong sexuality and nudity, language and some disturbing content