Hijacked by High Snakes

Judging by the movie alone, “Snakes on a Plane” is okay. But seeing it with a rowdy movie crowd elevates it to a very fun movie. It’s kinda like watching those traditional sitcoms with laugh tracks. It just seems funnier when you hear a positive audience reaction. You gotta admit a collective laughter is so darn infectious. Even if the material is stupid, if the response is overwhelmingly good, it’s a hit. I’m not saying that “Snakes on a Plane” is entirely dependent on a crowd. There are scenes that will surely compel you to produce a sound (laughter, chuckle, gasp, etc.). But it’s so much better when you’re doing it with a lot of people. So if by the slimmest chance you are one of the people responsible for this movie’s DVD, then I have an idea that may revolutionize DVDs. Why not include an optional audio, where we hear actual sounds from a theater audience? I think that’s better than a director’s ba-blah-blah commentary.

Anyway – let’s slither to the movie itself. I think the lead role of FBI Agent Neville Flynn is typical. Any talented actor could have pulled it off. But I’m glad Samuel L. Jackson was picked and that the role was eventually tailored for him. It’s sort of majestic to see him on screen. He’s like a legend to be. In the movies, no one is a bigger entertaining motherfucker than Samuel L. Jackson. “Pulp Fiction” might be responsible, but “Snakes on a Plane” confirms it.

The rest of the cast was actually decent. Kenan Thompson made me laugh numerous times. I wish the movie would have been bolder and made more casualties of the characters we actually get to know. (Damn – I sound like a sadist). We see fun and creative ways snakes kill people, but I wish there had been creative ways in killing the snakes. (Okay, I do sound like a sadist. I’ll stop!). There are moments when I thought the movie could have been better. For example, we see a toddler shakes a rattle and attracts a snake. Wouldn’t had it been better if the toddler had been attracted to a rattling snake? It’s little things like this makes me hold back my praise on the movie. I know the movie could’ve been so much better. But when end credits crawled up, I saw something that proved the movie worked on me: my feet that never touched the floor for the last hour.

Grade: B+

Samuel L. Jackson, Byron Lawson, Nathan Phillips, Julianna Margulies, Bobby Cannavale, and Gerard Plunkett
Screenplay by
John Heffernan
Sebastian Gutierrez
Directed by
David R. Ellis
Rated R for language, a scene of sexuality and drug use, and intense sequences of terror and violence