I recently watched “Loose Change” – an Internetrical release documentary about September 11. I think it merits some notice. It’s ambitious and quite daring in the way it tries to debunk everything we’ve learned about that infamous day. But for all its “matter-of-fact” tone, the topic is undeniably sensitive. It’s hard for a viewer to see this without bringing along preconceived notions. If you decide this is bogus, then you will find it bogus. It’s best to see this with an open mind, although I recommend keeping skepticism in the back pocket, just in case.

But if you want to be safe, don’t worry about it being legit and view it as a typical movie. “Loose Change” is quite surreal in the way its theories would make great revelations in movies. Some of its eye-opening “facts”: the Pentagon was not hit by a plane, the Twin Towers was detonated to collapse, and Osama Bin Laden and Al-Queda were not responsible for the orchestrated catastrophe. We see video clips, news reports, and Internet research trying to prove what it thinks to be true. Its unifying conclusion: 9-11 was a self-inflicted wound. It was planned out by the government.

Huh. You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’? Isn’t that the kind of twist that rightly belongs in a movie? But “Loose Change” has a way of tickling the brain. The documentary argues a lot of its points through science and that’s what really gets my attention. Is a commercial plane really enough to make a skyscraper crumble? The documentary features past buildings crashed by planes and none of them collapsed to the ground.

I’m sure the documentary has its share of embellishments and wrong assumptions, but just the idea of a government as the ultimate villain really bothers me. If this was all a movie, I’d be entertained. But placing it in reality makes it a nightmarish scenario of a nightmare. Are there men playing God in our midst? The Bush administration is indeed shady and I wouldn’t be surprised now if it’s somehow responsible. Is the 9-11 generation the duped generation? May God bless America… with common sense.

To watch the documentary, click HERE. It’s free and it’s about 82 minutes long.

Grade: A-