Quick thoughts on…
Flightplan” —– Jodie Foster is the recently widowed Kyle Pratt, who boards an airplane with her young daughter Julia (Marlene Lawston). They fly on a craft that was designed by the grieving widow during her tragic tenure in Berlin. But after a short in-flight nap, Kyle awakes to find Julia has disappeared. Her frantic search leads nowhere, and it seems no one on the plane can remember Kyle’s daughter boarding the plane. Is she going insane?


Jodie Foster, Peter Sarsgaard, Sean Bean
Robert Schwentke
I don’t care what others say. “Flightplan” works well as a thrill ride. The gifted Jodie Foster knows how to command screen. Is there any actress on Earth who can exude intelligence and vulnerability as good as her? Her steely persistence approaches to a maddening level. Much talk has been said about the movie’s plot holes. But it will only come to you after the movie is done. It will surely get you to think “Hey, wait a minute. How could that happen if…” I thought I figured the plot holes out, but after reading some websites, the screenplay isn’t as dumb as I thought. But I think everyone can agree that the movie is very unlikely to happen. Let’s just leave it that. It’s just a thriller movie, folks. It’s not a thinking movie. If you were thrilled, it worked. If you’re overthinking about it, you might want to get some aspirin.