Quick thoughts on…
“2046” – Wong Kar-Wai’s follow-up to his acclaimed “In The Mood For Love.” Is he entirely successful?

2046 (2005)

Gong Li, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Zhang Ziyi, Faye Wong, Takuya Kimura

Wong Kar-Wai

I really wished Wong Kar-Wai didn’t make this sequel to “In The Mood For Love.” The male protagonist (Tony Leung) in that film is now a repulsive womanizer. And as he embarks sexual relations from one woman to another, we are repeatedly treated to stories of love failures. Gee, I get it. No need to be so redundant in its theme, which “In The Mood For Love” already depicted so well. I’m sad to say I’m furiously disappointed. And it’s awfully boring and slow too. The underwhelming reasons to watch this movie is to observe Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li – two of the most beautiful actresses from the East. And I can’t forget the luscious cimenatography, as well. “2046” is the most gorgeous-looking bad movie I’ve ever seen. That’s the highest compliment I can give.