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“Shiri” – a South Korean action flick. What is it about? What great Hong Kong action picture it reminded me of? And which of its actors is now part of a cast of a popular hit TV drama. If you’re “lost” in search of answers, find them after the jump.

Uh… how come we never get movies like this? “Shiri” reminded me of “Infernal Affairs” where you ignore the extraordinary coincidences, because the drama that results from them are amazing. This is a top-notch action picture from South Korea. It’s smart, suspenseful, and also surprisingly harrowing and emotional. It’s about 2 South Korean agents, in pursue of a deadly female terrorist from North Korea. They uncover a plan of attacks, but are baffled because the two warring Korean nations are in talks of a reunification. The actress who plays “Sun” from “Lost” is here. She’s very good here, as one of the agent’s girlfriend.GRADE: A-
SHIRI (1999)

Suk-Kyu Han, Min-sik Choi, Yoon-jin Kim, Kang-ho Song, Johnny KimDirector:
Je-gyu Kang