The Thai is Cast

Disclaimer: The following review is amateurish in writing; forgettable at best. Grammar might have been harmed in the process. Reader discretion is advised.

Ah, disclaimer. It’s a fancy legal term of “we’re not responsible for the following. You cannot sue us.” These days, I think it works more like a gimmick to woo viewers.

“This movie contains graphic violence, explicit sexual activity, and crude indecent language. Wink Wink. Does that sound enticing enough for you or you call yourself a chicken? And, oh yeah, get those kids away from here. Viewer discretion is advised.”

“This is based on (inspired by) a true story. This means you can’t question the plot’s credibility. It really happened even if we made teeny tiny miniscule adjustments. Imagination was not used whatsoever. Now we’re proud to bring you our feature presentation – the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!”

“Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior” could have used a disclaimer: You’re about to see some real ass kicking. No fancy schmancy computer effects were used to make the protagonist look cool. It should come as no surprise that the hero is Asian; he’s as authentic as they come.

That’s pretty much my selling point. Tony Jaa plays the good-hearted badass Ting, a country chap in search of a stolen Buddha statue head. His obstacles are mainly in the form of street thugs, who are dumb enough to mess with him. Jaa is quite the performer to watch, demonstrating his own human special effects. He can leap like a gazelle, defeat men of varying size and race, and whip out his notorious elbow like some special weapon. It felt like watching the National Geographic, the Olympics, and Street Fighter all at once. Tony Jaa is the real (or reel) deal. It’s his destiny to be an action star. Up ahead, his most daunting challenge yet: killing projects with lame movie plots.

Grade: B+

PS (additional disclaimer):
Like all subtitled foreign films, ‘Ong-Bak’ is discriminatory against the illiterate. Unless you know Thai, I’m afraid reading is mandatory.