Deceiving on a Jet Plane

It’s of interest that the first act of “Red Eye” seemed unfit to be in a Wes Craven thriller. It looked like something out of a romantic movie, as Lisa (Rachel McAdmas) and Jackson (Cillian Murphy) has a meet-cute in the airport before their flight. They immediately click, have a drink, he’s calm, at ease, and she’s all smiles. Of course, judging from the picture above, the moon doesn’t hit the “Red Eye” like a big pizza pie. Nope, no amore here. Jackson turns out to be a terrorist; he needs Lisa to do his evil bidding. And poor Lisa must muster enough courage if she has the plans to outwit Jackson and save the day.

I thought this plane movie was rather plain. Technically, the suspense, the thrills, the snappy pace, the menace, the riveting twists are all there. But put it beside other effective thrillers and it would not stand out. Even the three acts are separated too neatly, as if the screenwriters are strictly writing by the book. First act takes place in airport. Second act takes place on the plane and so on. In second act, luck sides with one character and on the last act, luck is transferred on the other. What elevates the film though is its two rising stars, especially McAdams, who I think doesn’t scream to shrill level. They are very engaging to watch and make us anticipate the final destination. With a quick flight time of 85 minutes, “Red Eye” provides a good ole ride. Although I think it needed more turbulence, the movie lands safely and is nowhere near incompetent movies that crash and burn.

Grade: B