Just Lose It

Comedian Steve Carell plays Andy, who, in a poker night with coworkers, erroneously describes breasts as bags of sands and thus, revealing his non-existent sex life. The news spreads the next day in the workplace (a tech store) and panic-stricken Andy flees, refusing to be a joke and will find another job if he has to. But what Andy doesn’t know is that he’s in an actually good comedy, where he is treated less of a joke and more of a lovable human being. Believe it or not, his colleagues have the best intentions of helping him out, even if they aren’t the right guys to seek help from.

“The 40-Year-Old Virgin” is a rare comedy that unabashedly all heart without necessarily being soft. This is as erect and raunchy as the recent sex comedies but without the usual limp jokes. It delivers plenty of laughs and (just as important) lingering smiles. The cast is a delight all-around, with endearing performances from Carell and Catherine Keener (who plays a mother of three and a “hot” granny of one). The chemistry between their characters develops quite naturally and climaxes in a heartfelt romantic line that’s guaranteed to release a collective sigh. What happens in the end is no surprise but how it ends is. You won’t see Andy smoking after having done the deed. Rather, he ends it with a cinematic fresh breath of air.

Grade: A-