Swinging Wedding Belles

Finally, a comedy crashes into this summer of dominantly action movies. “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” was hilarious but this has to take the cake for best comedy so far. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn play wedding crashers, who invite themselves to weddings to hook up with single women. Their intentions might be shallow but their appreciation for wedding parties runs deep. They bring much life to these celebrations they crash. One day, they sneak into a classy wedding and by the end of the party, they find themselves reeled in by two daughters (Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher) of a high profile White House Secretary (Christopher Walken).

Owen Wilson is turning into an effective movie buddy slut and I mean that in a good way. He has made successful pairings with Jackie Chan, Ben Stiller, and now Vince Vaughn. But here, he is less funny than usual since he plays more of the straight guy, the lovestruck kind that belongs in romantic dramas. This leaves tall man Vince Vaughn to steal a lot of scenes. This must be his funniest role since he first unleashed his manic charisma in “Swingers.” This time around Vaughn surprisingly set off laughs like fireworks by exhibiting vulnerability. The numerous jokes played on him are unreal, but Vaughn’s reactions of “I can’t believe this is happening to me” are hilariously believable. He totally commits himself to total humiliation. “Wedding Crashers” is a nicely driven comedy albeit it’s dented with flaws. The screenwriters maneuver through some unnecessary detours to make the movie longer. But hey, I was parched by the end of the movie and such side effect from laughing can only mean a good ten bucks well spent.

Grade: A-